“You should start a blog.”  The suggestion I heard almost every time I told a story—oral or written.  Finally I say to myself, “I SHOULD start a blog.  But who would want to read it? And what will I write about?  Should I write about issues?  Should it be about parenthood? About my fitness journey? Or my love of food (and how it conflicts with my fitness journey)? Should I write about writing???” After climbing down off the ledge, I realized I can write about all of those things, and everything else that makes up this craziness we call life.


I’m a mom, a daughter, a wife and a friend.

I am funny.  I am honest. I am stubborn.

I’m also more sensitive than I care to admit.  I am outgoing AND shy.  I am learning to be more vulnerable. I’m a thinker and a dreamer, finally doing all the things I’ve thought and dreamed about and going after the LIFE I want!

I hope to inspire and entertain.

Thanks for joining me!



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