ABOUT: Trick Daddy and His (latest) Instagram Rant

On Tuesday (Oct. 25), Miami rapper Trick Daddy, known for such timely hits as “I’m a Thug” put out a PSA to Black women across the globe when he called for us to “tighten up” or risk losing our coveted top spot on the Black man’s his list.  Below is the call to action from a video posted to his Instagram account.

These Spanish, these white hoes, they done started getting finer than a muthafucka.” “Y’all black hoes better tighten up. I’m telling you, tighten up. Y’all doing all this extra shit for nothing. You not achieving nothing, bitch! You getting ya ass done, ya titties done. Ya paying $150 to get your makeup done, just to go to a local club, bitch. Tighten up, hoe. These Spanish and these white hoes is getting very spiffy on y’all. They fuck around and learn how to fry chicken, you hoes is useless.


*Sigh*  I need backstory because I don’t even know where to begin with this.  First off, WHHHYYY is Trick Daddy doling out advice of any kind?  Like, whatsoever??  Let alone advice on what Black women should be doing to better themselves (because, in his mind, that is exactly what he was doing).

Just to be clear, because some Latinas and Caucasian women have bigger backsides the need for Black women is slowly becoming nonexistent.  And Black women should also stop spending money on makeup and cosmetic surgery (because this is something that Latinas and Caucasian women NEVER do *eyeroll*).  And unless we have recipes other than fried chicken in our arsenal, the game is pretty much done for us.  There are just so many things wrong with this that my mind is spinning.  The fact that truly seems to believe that Black women are here to be visually pleasing while appealing to his taste buds is astounding, and insulting in every way.

I won’t even get into the fabulousness that is the Black woman, because that’s not what this is about and it would take the focus away from what a nimrod Trick Daddy is *I really tried to get through this post without any name-calling*  The fact is, ALL women bring things to the table that have nothing to do with cooking (see what I did there?) or looks.  And we should not be pitted against one another to serve the purposes of any man.

So let’s say Black women collectively decide to “tighten up,” a definition which Trick so graciously decided to let us figure out on our own.  We stop going to the clubs and start putting our foot into those Sunday dinners… What exactly is the prize to be had at the end of this journey of self-improvement?  The adoration and of Trick Daddy and men who think like him?  Pardon me, but I think I’ll pass.  Trick please.

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