I Woke Up Like This

“She’s so put together,” they whisper as they pass me in the office.  I hear them wondering how I do it. Well, the answer is easy:

First, I jump out of bed about thirty minutes late.  Scramble to shower and shave, but not before stubbing my toe on the bedroom door on my way to the bathroom.  I burn my corneas with soap while hurriedly washing my face.  Then I race to my closet, towel wrapped around me, but skin still soaking wet.  I grab a skirt and a blouse, thinking how perfect it is that I settled on something to wear in only five seconds and thankful that luck is on my side.  I’m done ironing when I notice the missing button, which means no blouse for me.  I’m now forced to start from scratch, since the skirt will no longer work either—there goes my luck.

I manage to put on my makeup with no hiccups, but there’s no time for hair. So a bun it is.  The struggle to open a bobby pin causes a moment of insanity wherein I throw them all across the floor.  But I need them.  So I scurry over to pick them up. Hair crisis handled, I toss a pair of flats into my bag and step into my heels.  I’m ready to go when I realize… Keys! WHERE. ARE. MY. KEYS???  UGH!!!  I spend ten minutes tearing the place apart before remembering that I left them in the pocket of the coat I wore the day before.  Makeup on, bun perched firmly atop my head and keys in hand, I’m finally ready to seize the day.  I take one last look around—papers strewn about, throw pillows and couch cushions out of place from my frantic search—and put on my shades and hit the streets.  Cool as a cucumber.

And that’s pretty much how it’s done.

Daily Prompt: Chaos


5 thoughts on “I Woke Up Like This

  1. Haha! I remember thinking that a girl I saw in the train was so perfectly put together it made my eyes water. It’s quite possible her start to the day was as chaotic as this!

    1. I was actually inspired by a woman on the train who was so well put together. When I saw her I thought there was no way she’s always that perfect. When I saw the word of the day, I thought of her immediately.

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